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Beginning Monday Nov 28 Central Park Drives will be open all day - until 7 PM - to vehicular traffic - through New Years. After 7 PM a portion of the East Drive will remain open to vehicular traffic. (Source: NY1 news on Road Runner.)

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af (not verified)
That's not news.

That has been the rule for maybe 10 years.

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Matt P. (not verified)

thank you for the reminder. :-)

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Rob Marcus (not verified)
Open on East Drive???

We rode last nite at 6:45 and the ususal closings took place about 7:00-7:20. I did not notice cars on the
East drive, but rather a few on the West Side.

In any case, we had no problems other that Horsey Pucks
or mounds.

Rob Marcus

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they knew (not verified)
east side wrongway

Well, the east side was open today. Honda Accord going the wrong way mid-afternoon. At about 60 mph with four police cars giving chase. One almost lost it swerving around a skateboarder.
Let's be careful out there. You never know what might be coming for you.

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