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Thinking (still just a possibility at this point) of heading out tomorrow morning for a quick trip to somewhere in Jersey -- 40 to 50 miles tops. Back at the bridge by 1sh. If anyone is interested post here or better yet email me directly and we can make a plan.

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af (not verified)
Maybe one.

Is there anyone else?

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Carol (not verified)
Maybe another

What time and where?

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Marci (not verified)
Oh no, can't ride...

and it should be such a nice day. But there were a couple people interested, so maybe you could coordinate here. I'll mention it to those who emailed. Next week I'm a definite.

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David Oliner (not verified)
I am picking up the slack

The route is up for discussion. But let's leave from in front of my house 331 West 87th Street, between West End and Riverside at 9:30 AM. I will have a pot of coffee (and if I get up in time some bagels) ready a 9:00 AM. RSVP me by email just so I know how much coffee to make.

David Oliner
[email protected]

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