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My name is Eric Whitenight and I have heard a lot about New York Cycle club. I used to work at Toga Bikes, so needless to say I have met a few NYCC members. A friend of mine and I are planning a trip from NYC to Niagara Falls. I was wondering if anyone with NYCC had done that before and might have some suggestions. We can use all the info we can get. Please contact me if you have any info or just want to chat about cycling.

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Jay (not verified)
I rode to Buffalo in 4 days en route to Chicago

The first 2 days were very hilly--the last 2 days were flat. I only rode 50 miles on day 3 because it started raining & I panicked, but could have ridden much further that day (The Finger Lakes were the most beautiful part!)

all in NY state:
Day 1 (started from Orangeburg in Rockland County, 15 miles from the GWB, near Piermont) to Hancock 135 miles

day 2 to Ithaca 100 miles

day 3 Geneva 50 miles

day 4 Buffalo 100 miles (via Batavia on route 5)

If you go to Albany (I can tell you about riding to Albany--I've done that also) and turn left, it will be flatter, but longer. I hope you're waiting until May to do this. The 1st week of June is the best for long rides.

Any ?'s e mail or tel (845) 359-6260

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Rob (not verified)

"This may handle the ride across NY state.
""Five Hundred Miles Across New York"".

It is a very low cost organized self paced ride.
Runs from Niagara/Buffalo to Saratoga. Basically 5 days
over the course of the ride.

I may do it next summer. Looks like a fun challenge. Getting down from Saratoga should be easier part of the ride.

Good Luck


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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
B ride?

This sounds like fun. Are you and your friend B riders?

When do you plan to do this? What is your pace?

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maryellen (not verified)

I'm not sure if they have a map online, but check out the website of the Empire State Aids Ride ( I did the ride in August and we rode from Niagara Falls to Battery Park. If there's nothing useful on their website, email me off-list and I'll try to find my copy of the route map.


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