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I would like to go for a 7 to 10 day cycling trip in Feb and would love hear reviews, opinions, etc on experiences with any of the following:

Stephen Roche - Majorca
Graham Baxter - Costa Blanca
Bike N Bed - Denia, Espana

OR any other recommendations.

I am a single, traveling alone, and a Cat IV



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Jacob C. (not verified)

You may also check out a camp with Maurizio Fondriest

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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

Check out

Different cycling camp from Roche on Majorca . My wife and I are making plans to attend the last week in February. Lots of New York people have gone and speak highly of the experience. Seems like the camp doesn't get full underway till March, but there are rides in February. If my wife and I go, we'll go in February. Right now, there's about a 90% chance we'll go. Just waiting to hear some final details from the camp.

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David Blume (not verified)
Link is dead

Hey Christy,

Thanks for the input. Unfortunately this link no longer works...any ideas?

I rode in Majorca last March for three days by myself -stayed in Deia - beautiful.

How is the weather in Feb?


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Christy Guzzetta (not verified)

"Try emailing Wendy at ""[email protected]"". She's getting me pricing information and other details.

I've been to Majorca before - first week in February a couple of years ago. Weather was ""cool"". Like in the 50's and 60's. It was great riding. I understand the temperature in Majorca is unpredictable that time of year. Could get some downright cold days. Not likely it'll be anywhere near as cold as it is in New York in February."

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David Blume (not verified)

will do. Enjoy, if you go!


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Sy Sims (not verified)
Link ALIVE - Prices available!!

Try this link to see what the educated consumer is paying -

37 Euro per day per person double occupancy at the Playa de Muro (+ 55 Euro Airport/Hotel/Airport transfer + about 65 Euro for Sports Package. Add ~$200 for Hajo's fee (tough work making a couple phone calls or booking online) and there's your price. Plus Flug, of course.

Flights are about $600 with Iberia or Hajo can make the flight reservations for say a $200 fee. Payable in advance of course.

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Been There (not verified)
Max Huerzeler

Max Huerzeler

Just don't book through Hajo.

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April (not verified)

"Use the ""search"" function our web software author so painstakingly implemented!

If you search for ""Majorca"", you'll find a lot of information about it. Or you can search for ""cycling camp"" or other phrases like that.

This subject comes up every year around Nov/Dec."

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Ed (not verified)
Search function

Given how many times the search function seems to be needed, overlooked by posters, and then followed by some less than courteous remarks, wouldn’t it make sense to highlight the button by using a banner, or side bar, or pop up, or something that advertises its existence more openly and clearly.

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