2006 Giro

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looks WAY more exciting than the Tour:
long TT, short TT, TTT, TT up the Ghisallo on the last day, long stages, short stages, flat stages, and plenty of climbing (the final 5.5km of one of the climbs is unpaved, with sections up to 24%)!!


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Benjamin Doane (not verified)
Challenging Giro

Yes, it does look incredibly exciting for the spectator; however, from what I understand, the riders are not too thrilled about it. Wow, what an incredibly punishing course, one to obviously favor the climbers. I agree with you in that it will be more exciting than the Tour. There are some interesting articles on the Velonews website (velonews.com)

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Jacob C. (not verified)

The 2005 Giro was the most exciting grand tour in many many year - way more exciting than the TDF. I am planning to travel to Italy in May 2006 to watch stages and ride some of the famous climbs.

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