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I'm planning on commuting to work. Only problem is I need a place to lock my Bike during the day. Anyone know of a place I can lock it during the day around 3rd Ave and 50th street?

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ben (not verified)
use a bike rack

There are bike racks along 3rd ave. I used to lock my bike between 45th & 46th at a bike rack almost every day. I occasionally left it locked overnight and for entire weekends. It was never stolen and it's a nice bike ('80s bianchi w/105 components).

Although i believe i was lucky (especially during those weekends) i never had any problems. I found out my building has bike racks in the garage so now i lock it up inside. Check with your building garage.

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The 17th Pct. is around the corner. Lock it near there. (nm)
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John Z (not verified)
ROFL (nm)
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Harvey (not verified)
Safe Place for bike in midtown

There's a Citibank in that area. If they'd let you, you'll find it slightly safer than the street, especially if you can get a spot in their vault, when locked. Other than that, I'd take a used dept. store bike and lock it with the NY City Kryptonite lock, armed with video and explosive charges (as an option).

Sorry, jes kiddin', of course. Not from NYC, cain't hep ya.

Harvey (but my friends call me Harvela for short, as well as other names)

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Matt P. (not verified)

as of 12 months ago, there was an underground garage on 52nd st. between park and lexington that took bikes for free. two absolutely filthy bike racks that filled up by 9 a.m. not sure if they still take bikes.

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karin (not verified)
They still take bikes at 52nd and Park. (nm)
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