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Come on and ride while the riding is good.

Hey, I can't get my ass to the Park at 5:30 am, CAN YOU???

I am trying to set-up regular NITE rides Monday - Thursday in the park.
Starting at 6:30- 7:00 based on a consensus of the group.

3-5 laps B16-18. Depends how much we jabber. I'm no Lance, but then again who is.
The idea is to ride and enjoy it amongst others who are tired of doing it alone.

I loved the Stressbusters in the warmer months, so if you were there come on back.

Rob Marcus

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Rob (not verified)
We ride Monday nite

I will post more details on Monday in the early afternoon.

Questions? e-mail me

Rob Marcus

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Mike A. (not verified)

"I'm thinking of joining you. Where's your ""early afternoon post?"""

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Rob (not verified)

Well early evening is more like it.

E-mail me if you want to ride and your best time to be there.

It looks like 6:45 tonite

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Rob (not verified)
We ( I ) ride tonite Monday Nov-14

Figure 6:45 @ Columbus Circle in the Park roadway.

I have a Beard, Red Lemond .
Wearing a kind of Psychodelic Jersey with a large Crankset on it.

Any issues, email me. or cell 1718-644-7507
See ya then

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Rob (not verified)
Thursday Nite November 17

Well, Tuesday and Wednesday look like they will be a wash.
So....If ya wanna ride then get ya bike ready.

As usual.. We meet at 6:30-7:00 based on consensus.

Rob Marcus

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christian (not verified)
Wednesday night ride

Are you guys riding tongight?

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Rob (not verified)
Thursday nite ride 11/17 6:45 PM

The plan is to meet at 6:45 pm.
Columbus Circle Roadway Area inside the park.

I have a beard.
Red Lemond
Not sure what I will wear on top, Most likely Blue Top
based on the cold temperature predicted.

RSVP by E-mail me if you will make it before 5:30if you can @ [email protected]
or Cell 718-644-7507


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