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Did an archives search on this topic, and found that someone had good luck with Tom Kellogg at Spectrum. Good fallback, but I'm wondering if anyone can recommend someone a bit more local (Spectrum's in eastern PA). I just want to get a cherished old steel frame undinged and repainted. Thanks in advance.


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Evan Marks (not verified)
Can't get much more local than this

Chelsea Bicycles
156 W 26 St

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Quality ??


What's the quality of Chelsea for painting? Have you used them?

Do they also do little things, like remove braze-ons before painting?

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Q & A




But you're gonna give us a full report after you use them, right?

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DvB (not verified)
Well, I called Chelsea Bicycles today . . .

. . . and told them I was interested in having a frame repaired and painted. I was promptly put on hold, then forgotten about. Sigh. Guess I'll be bringing the bike to PA. . . .

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KLEY (not verified)

I'd ring up Bikeworks (212) 388-1077 on the LES. I saw a restored 1940s Paramount there a few weeks back that was truly awe inspiring.


Picking Dave's brain is never a bad idea. Plus, I've seen many a retro grouch drop their frames there for painting; many of them s/s and fixed. All of them steel.


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todd brilliant (not verified)
it's good they forgot about you

i had them do a frame repair on my basso a couple of years ago. they fixed a crack in the top tube and then repainted the area.

they did a crappy job, but that may have been partly my fault because i made it sound like i just wanted the crack repaired and didn't really care much about aesthetics. so they did a pretty funky job with the paint. anyway, it's now bubbling / rusting and i wonder about the integrity of the frame itself. the mechanic at conrads pretty told me i was taking a risk by riding the bike at all with the way it looks.

also, dealing with the repair guy was not a pleasant experience at all. he's very touchy.


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todd brilliant (not verified)
btw, i'm referring to chelsea not bike works (nm)
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John Segal (not verified)

try vicious cycles in new paltz

you can take the bike to bicycle workshop in tenafly. they'll send the bike up to new paltz.

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April (not verified)
Vicious Cycle

Has anyone ever had a frame by Vicious Cycle?

New Paltz isn't that far away. But so far, I've yet to come across owner of anything that's build by them. I wonder why...

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John Segal (not verified)

First and foremost known as mountain bike builders, although they do make cross frames....

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April (not verified)

Know any (happy or otherwise) owner of one?

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Kay (not verified)
vicious cycles - road frames too

I just placed an order for their road frame, the electric warrior.


They are changing it somewhat for me at no charge(horizontal dropouts) to be used as a fixed gear. I'm going with a custom paint job as well. They do beautiful paint work.

Last week I stopped by NY Velo on 2nd Ave. They had one of these built out, and it was gorgeous. They also have a Vicious cross bike in the display window.

I'm buying mine thru The Bicycle Workshop in Tenafly. Both the owner and 1 of the employees have a Vicious mountain bike. They rave about the company. So far they've been great to work with. I'll let you know how it goes when I get my bike in January.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Be sure to post a picture of it at fixedgeargallery.com - thousands of bikes, no derailers.

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Tom Laskey (not verified)
Call Tom Kellogg

Tell him the problem and see if he'll agree to do the work. If he's willing you can probably have your LBS strip the bike and ship it to him. When it's finished, have Tom ship it back to your LBS and they can put it back together. All without you're having to leave the area.

You can also try Richard Sachs who I think is in Chester, CT

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Ed (not verified)
painting a frame

There was a guy years ago on the SIG that owned a metal fabrication shop in Queens. He was a very good rider and started building frames. I can't remember his name, but Ed Fishkin might know? I believe his frames were called Orion?

BTW: Have you ever noticed that Conrad's considers anything other than a pristine frame, straight out of the box, unsafe and needing immediate repair. My pedal was a bit worn, and the guy cautioned me against catastrophic failure. Diligence and high standards are wonderful, but...?

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Keith (not verified)
Orion Bikes

"Paul Mutzak. He moved out of the area. I had one of his frames - lugged steel Columbus EL-OS. While the frame rode quite nicely, the frame cracked at the bottom bracket after three weeks of riding. When I showed it to him, he asked me how much I weighed. I'm 5'8"", 143-145lbs.. He told me he thought I was lighter and charged me to fix the frame. Fresh Frames in PA did the painting for him. When they stripped the bike for repainting, they said that wouldn't feel safe riding one of his frames. They thought the joints were suspect. Needless to say, the frameset was retired after it was returned to me."

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Frank (not verified)
Way out of area?

Business Name: ORION BICYCLE
Address: 310 EGAN # 208
City, State, Zip: VALDEZ, AK 99686
Phone #1: (907) 835-8796"

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