Sunday, 11/13 - B17/70 miles, Beaches of Nassau #2

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Sunday, 11/13 - Beaches of Nassau #2
B17/70 miles
Leader: Neile Weissman

Meets: 9:30 AM at 23rd Street & First Avenue
Ends: 4:30 PM at Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge (or earlier at numerous LIRR/subway stops.)

A run out to Long Island with a return via Long, Atlantic and Rockaway Beaches. A brief stop for pizza and ice cream. Bring $$ plus a LIRR/Metro-North Bike pass in case you need to bail.

Serious rain, or the failure of at least three people to RSVP by Saturday night, cancels. [I've got other options I don't want to lose out on.] Per usual, check this space on Saturday morning for ride status.

RSVP: soupstone-at-mindspring-dot-com

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Neile (not verified)
The ride is ON. (nm)
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Neile (not verified)

Perfect fall weather; 60s and sunny -- but windy.

Tidy group of ten. Irving Schacher s Merlin Ultralight was in the shop but he bought his very rare, very light and to-die-for Ibis Ti-Bow MTB. Mike Gewirtz showed up in a upright Specialized, so I was careful to keep to a steady 17 heading out.

South and over the now mostly bump-less Williamburg Bridge. Due East for twenty miles before heading south in Ocean Beach. About five miles from OB, I let Brian Wagner pull. (The 20 mph gusts were finally taking their toll.)

The mornings labors were amply rewarded with a stunning beach vista and a leisurely couple of miles along the boardwalk.

The proprietor of San Remo Pizza saw the cluster of bikes outside and promptly opened the vacant store next door for secure parking. That, a clean restroom and above average slices will certainly guarantee repeat business.

George Arcarola, Natalia Lincoln and Jonathon Friedman shared the pulling chores heading back on a mostly stoplight-less run back to the Gil Hodges Bridge. A couple of speed runs on the bike paths heading into Sheepshead Bay and fast run down Fourth Avenue picked up our average to respectable 13.8 for the 65 miles.

Thanks to Jay Jacobson for sweeping out and Delores McKeough sweeping in (Mike G. credited her cattle prod with keeping him in to the finish) and Rob Sakem for first aid on a non-lethal cut.

A good group. Nice job all.


PS> Next Sunday, 11/20 - B17/70, Ba Ba Ba Bayville #2

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