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Dave (not verified)

"""Everybody cheats. I just didn't know.""

""Dave Stoller"" from ""Breaking Away"""

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Jk (not verified)
beat me to it. (nm)
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JP (not verified)
Soooo ...

... that's it. Heras seemed to light his afterburners like never before in the Vuelta's last stage TT. He was awesome and had not been known to TT. Well, there is one more test for him to non-negative before the axe falls.

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Christian (not verified)

I blame his (evil) chimeric twin.

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John Z (not verified)

Something does not make sense here. Heras won Stage 15, and was the race leader from then on. Presumably Heras was tested each day he was the race leader. He was certainly tested after his Stage 15 victory. Why didn’t he fail a test from this period?

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JP (not verified)

I am always scratching my head wondering about testing procedures. LA's 1999 urine? Chimeras?? Appeals delayed for months. Etc., etc., etc. Now, a sample from the September Vuelta in November??? The UCI and WADA (whose head is Dick Pound, what a name :-) should get their ducks in line before they in effect ruin careers.

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Jonathan Bloom (not verified)

Maybe Heras will face a similar fate as the Belgian triathlete Rutger Beke who registered a false positive for the supposedly faulty EPO urine test.
Beke had to serve an 18 month suspension until it was overturned.

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