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Recovering from my bike accident. Next step is some physical therapy for my shoulder.

don't know much about PT. Is it done in a gym like a crunch or rebook? Or is it more of a medical office situation?

Any recommendations for a physical therapist either near west 110 st or near 55 St midtown?


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Joel Rathbun (not verified)

I saw Russ for a knee injury. He has office in a New York Sports Club so has great access to all the weights etc.. Very happy with him.

Russell Hartophilis
Recovery Physical Therapy+
(646) 562-0617

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bill (not verified)

Thank you. Where's NY Sports Club?

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Joel Rathbun (not verified)

Russ's office in the NYSC around 48th & 5th.

Same group Recovery Physical Therapy that Steven mentioned, they have a number of locations.

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Steven Marks (not verified)

I spent a good part of the last year doing physical therapy, first leg then shoulder. My physical therapy was much gentler than gym stuff. First was just movement, no resistance, then light resistance. By the time it go towards anything gym-like, I had graduated.

I used Recovery Physical Therapy @ Park & 20th although they have many locations. Everyone was excllent.

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Carol (not verified)
Central Park Physical Therapy

on 57th St. btwn. 6th & 7th (I think...might be btwn. 5th & 6th). They're very good with sports injury recovery. I went there after knee surgery and again after a crash.

Oops, just looked in the phone book - they've moved to Madison & 37th.

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Liane Montesa (not verified)
Central Park Physical Therapy (nm)

I go to this clinic. They have an office at 1727 Broadway (entrance is on 55th St.). (212) 765-4800.

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Debbie Rothschild (not verified)
great pt

Dilshaad Basrai. Works privately. Comes to your home or office. No gym, but gives you excercises to do on your own. This means no techs working with you during your hour, no working on your own while you are paying for her time, as with all the many other pt places I've gone. It's you and she for a solid hour, hands on treatment the whole time. She's excellent and was recommended by my sports medicine doctor who is one of the top in the city. 917-478-2444.

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