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Hey, I'm looking for a ride for this weekend and I saw this one but have no idea where it heads and I didn't see a way to email the leader. Any info on this ride?


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D (not verified)
Check the ride listings

If you go to the ride listings there's a phone #. I would imagine since the leader listed it, it'd be ok to give him a ring. says it's going to St. Paul's in New City which may be near here:,+NY+10...

A17 55 miles 08:45 AM
Christmas Bazaar at St.Paul's

Leader: Marty Wolf, 212-935-1460
From: Central Park Boathouse
The goal is to reach St. Paul's in New City before the best handmade ornaments and gifts are sold out. Church lunch of soup, sandwiches and home baked desserts. Bring the wonderful muzette bag you received for doing ENY 2005 (or a small knapsack) for your purchases. Note: We leave at 8:45AM sharp!

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Richard (not verified)
Wish I could

Not yet a member (waiting for December, since it is by calendar year, according to the home page), so I can't see the ride listings. Only can see rides on the main page. So thanks for posting the information on the ride for me. Much appreciated!

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af (not verified)
no sexism, please

"Give ""him"" a ring? (Why must you presume that?) In fact, Marty Wolf is a woman."

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