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I was looking for a ride this weekend but am not sure what the hogwich series is. The Sat ride is too long.
Where does the hogwich ride go to? How many rides are in the series? Is it good prep for the sig?

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)


""The breakfast menu ranges from our famous morning buns and sticky buns, to Frank's famous hogwich egg sandwiches."""

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hogwich guy (not verified)

"couldn't have said it better myself.

but seriously, it's just a roundabout glorified nyack ride. lots and lots of base miles every sunday now through february, which could be excellent prep for the ""a"" sig. although, the funny thing is this: the hogwich ride is already an ""a"" ride, which means if you know how to ride a paceline and can keep up on these rides all winter long, then you really have no business doing the sig at all. you should be way beyond the sig.

i hope this helps.


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