Central Park car free (somewhat) all hours this week

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Central Park is closed to traffic. However, people riding will have to put up with:

a) marathon finish line area--you have to make a right turn to the bridal path to rejoin West Dr.

b) Parks Dept. & NYC Marathon vehicles (probably setting up) will be there any time. Saw a Parks trucks making rounds cutting tree branches.

c) scores of runners taking a few laps before the big race. would help if they can take either the right or left lane but not all.

Too bad David S. didn't schedule a special edition of his summer Wed. evening ride this week. You can ride after work and before dinner with no traffic in the park. Maybe next year...

Good luck to those running the marathon Sun.


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bill (not verified)

Go to the park early next week. I predict a drastic reduction in number of runners.

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Ronald Birnbaum (not verified)
CP Marathon

Just came back from the park, did a few loops today. It is fabulously car-free all day, for the entire loop, go out and enjoy it while you can.

The marathon staging area is open for passing through on bike with only a tiny detour around the finish line, no big deal.

Just a lot of leaves to put up with.

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