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I'm on 37th Street and Park Avenue and will start commuting to work in Brooklyn. I've been staring at the 2005 Cycling Map to find the quickest and easiest way onto the Brooklyn Bridge and I can;t seem to fine one without going through some heavily trafficed areas downtown.

Does anyone have a suggestion? Alternatively, I can take the East Side Greenway but would have to go through the Financial District to get onto the B. Bridge.


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ben (not verified)

Do you have to use the brooklyn bridge? The Manhattan bridge and Brooklyn bridge both meet up close to each other in brooklyn and the Manhattan bridge is much easier to get to from where you are... just go down second avenue all the way to allen st to the bridge. If you look at an overhead map of NYC, you'll see that the manhattan bridge is more direct.

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esass (not verified)
Manhattan Bridge

I second that. Used to live at 66 and 1st and work at Tillary and Flatbush (right at the foot of the manhattan bridge).

Take Lex down to 22nd, left onto 22nd, right on 2nd. Follow straight onto Chrystie. This will take you directly to the Manhattan Bridge bike path. When you come off the bridge, you will be at Jay and Sands St., a block away from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Best thing about the Manhattan, less tourists!!

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Luke (not verified)

I work in Red Hook so I actually don't take the Brooklyn Bridge all the way to the end. I take the staircase on the Brooklyn side and ride down Columbia Street along the water.

I'm not certain how I can make my way from Manhattan Bridge. Directions are welcome. I'll take a look at the Cycling Map tonight.

Thanks again.

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JP (not verified)

"I second the Manhattan Bridge for your route – the north, uptown side is the one you use.

I live off of Columbia St., so I know the routes to the Hook.

1. When you get off the MB, the path takes you in a loop around to Jay St. Make a left on Jay and go to Atlantic and turn right (Jay stops at Atlantic and becomes Smith St., one way against you.)

Go 2 blocks on Atlantic to Court and turn left (or 1 block to Boreum, the Brooklyn Bridge St., make a left, go 2 blocks to Bergen and a right to Court.)

After your left on Court, go to Degraw or Sackett –the only 2 that cross the BQE - make a right and - down to Columbia!!

2. You can also take Jay to Tillary, make a right (lots of traffic), take Tillary to Cadman Plaza West and make a right and go down to Clark on your left, make a left and 2 blocks to Henry and a left on Henry- take Henry to Atlantic, to Degraw or Sackett.

3. Or, on Cadman Plaza west, go past Clark, almost down to the River (lots of traffic) and turn left off of Cadman onto Furman, under the BQE – Furman dead ends where Columbia and Atlantic begin. But Furman is like a BQE service road – speeding cars trying to avoid the BQE. Also, Columbia is pot-hole central, has construction and buses. The 1st route is my best.

Furman may be reachable from Jay and the bike path – I never bothered with it, but Front street might do it, but Furman is still hell at times.

Good luck, J

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Luke (not verified)

Thanks! I'll try this tomorrow. Unfortunately, I work on Van Brunt so I have to deal with some of the potholes. I may find a way via Hicks though.

I've been on Furman (below the BQE)and it's been a great stretch. (Wide roads and no traffic... knock on wood).

Thanks again.

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