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We meet at 9.30 at Eleanor Roosevelt, ride up to Piermont or Nyack (depending on our schedules) via River Road. We have lunch up there and are back on NYC side of the GWB by about 3.

Weather forecast is excellent!

Please sign up here and check back later this eve to see if we're ON.

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Jonathan (not verified)
Looking forward to it

Depending on the shape of my knee after a ride today I hope to join you on what will be my first club trip (though not my first long ride)!

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Jonathan (not verified)
Can't do it afterall

My knee isn't cooperating so I'll have to postpone until next time. Too bad. Looks to be a great day for riding.

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Benjamin Doane (not verified)

I'll be there.

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Douglas (not verified)
Signing up

I'm 95% likely for tomorrow. See you then.

--Doug von Bushberger

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Rick Isham (not verified)

Rick and Rich are riding.

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david (not verified)
tuesday ride

Is it possible to do part of the ride as I have to be at work at 4pm?

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Rick Isham (not verified)
River Road Closure

It appears that the closure we saw two weeks ago on River Road also applies to bicycles. The web site states that once the barriers are up, after the last Sunday in October or other times when deemed necessary for saftey, all bicycles riders riding beyond the barriers are subject to prosecution. I am going to verify this with the Park Administrator tomorrow, but if the closure is in place, River Road may not be available as part of the route without risk of being ticketed by the park police. There is a bicyle club member of the Citizen advisory board for the park, but I couldn't find him on the NYCC club roster, so he must be from New Jersey.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)

See you all at 9.30.


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