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"I'm curious to see Lance & Cheryl (aka Juanita Cuervo) Crow do the SNL thing. And since we will ""fall behind"" Saturday night, staying up late to watch the show shouldn't be a problem if you plan to do the Connecticut Shoreline Ride early Sunday morning."

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JP (not verified)
Yes, but ....

Staying up will be hard because of the poor writing and performance of non-funny skits.

While LA has little camera charisma, it may still be interesting - esp if SNL spoofs drugs, testing and the French. There better be at least one bicycle on the show :-)

Sheryl - take or leave her, but again, her interactions with LA may be interesting.

BTW, I'm meeting LA at 72d and RSD at 10 AM Saturday for a slam (for me; a one-legged spin for him) to Rockland Lake. A25+, and that's on Alpine hill! Just kidding - about the climb speed and the ride ;-p

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late (not verified)

That was even bad for SNL.

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don montalvo (not verified)
painful for sure...

...i had to turn the channel after 15 minutes. sheryl and lance are awesome, but the writers of that show should retire.


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JP (not verified)

They don't need no stinkin' writers - emphahsis on stinkin'!

It's like a grade school play - thank goodness for some bicycles and for DVR with FF!! Oh, and the extra hour ... whew!

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Susan Rodetis (not verified)
Anyone tape the SNL episode with Lance Armstrong?

I'd love to borrow and/or see.


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