2006 TdF Route

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John Z (not verified)
Very Sweet

Jan Ullrich must be smiling at this route...

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Chris T (not verified)
Only if...

"...he doesn't remove his smile mit ein Schnitzel und bier.

btw, in a cyclingnews interview http://www.cyclingnews.com/riders/2005/interviews/?id=eddy_merckx_interbike05
Eddy Mercxx was asked who was the favourite to win the '06 TDF (prior to the route annoucement). He did not mention Jan Ullrich's name.

An intentional diss by The Canibal?

CN: Who is your pick to replace Lance on top of the podium in Paris next year?

EM: We'll have to see the beginning of the season next year first! But Basso is a good, young rider. Maybe Danielson, Landis or Leipheimer... Popovych did not have a good end of season, so I don't know

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Jonathan (not verified)
Stage 13

"Looks like stage 13 (July 15) will roll past the area where I am now purchasing a (very small and cheap) house -- outside of Nîmes. Not exactly mountainous but some nice hills and lots of these ""voies vertes"" (greenways) for cycling. Once I get set up there (perhaps next summer) we can organize some NYCC rides in the region, though it's a bit of a commute from the Boathouse...."

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Pieter Maessen (not verified)
2006 TdF Trip

Even though I have now moved to Europe, I will organize a TdF trip next year just like I did in previous years. The itinerary is now being finalized and I will post it here shortly. The plan is to see the race during two of the Alpine stages, most likely on Col d'Izoard and Col du Lautaret/Galibier. Please contact me directly if you have any questions.


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