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In the interest of tracking sources of SPAM, I routinely set up dedicated email addresses whenever I'm asked to supply one (like NYCC). Recently, I have been receiving increased amounts of SPAM and phishing emails to my NYCC account, particularly since I received an Evite to an NYCC event. Spammers constantly sniff Internet traffic, harvesting email addresses. They look for invitations originating from Evite, as it happens to be one of the best places for spammers to gather valid email addresses. I would implore against it's use, and instead ask that event coordinators please send mass emails using Bcc: instead.

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Tony Rentschler (not verified)
Spam filters

"I rarely get more than 10 spam e-mails per week, and I use my actual e-mail address when I post to the NYCC message board. I post to a few other bulletin boards as well. The only time I use an alternate e-mail address is when I post to Usenet, which isn't too often.

My ISP - Verizon - has a very good spam filter, and I'm guessing that Apple, where my .mac account is hosted, does too.

Finally, the mail application on my Mac (called Mail) does a first-rate job of funnelling the junk mail I do get into a ""Junk"" mailbox.

I think you might have a hard time getting folks to change their e-mail habits, instead, see if you can beef up the spam filters you're using on your end.

But, even under the most ideal of circumstances, it's probably not possible to avoid ALL spam, at least not in this day and age.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

Use your ISP's homepage (or one of the several free email websites) to delete spam before downloading email. It takes about a minute or two and once you get in the habit you'll never have spam in your inbox again.

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Anthony Poole (not verified)
Verizon spam filters suck!

I can't say I have received the same satisfaction from Verizon on spam. My wife gets even more in her e-mail and she doesn't use that account any more. Since I've been using a .Mac mail address (started February of last year) I have not received a single piece of junk in it. But my Mac Mail filters out all of the junk that comes in on my Verizon account. I stopped giving out my Verizon mail address in January, but it is the one I use if I have to give an e-mail address for booking something online, rather than my Mac account.

The thing that really did it for me, insofar as Verizon was concerned, was towards the end of last year when they set up their serviers to block a lot of mail originating in Europe in an attempt to stop spam - farely bizarre when you consider that 90% of the world's spam originates in the US. But in doing so, they incorrectly configured their servers and I discovered that a lot of work-related e-mails I was sending to clients in the UK were never getting there and I lost work as a result. When I found out what was going on, I just stopped using my Verizon mail.

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Ray (not verified)

"I do the same thing... set up extra emails for use with dedecated services. My inbox has been virtually spam- free for years, but recently has seen ""nigerian""- type spam, up to several per day. All sent to my address that I exclusively use for nycc.

I haven't posted to the board in a long time though, or received an email from nycc (almost a year in fact)

Still, somebody found our (old) roster and sold the addresses! :(


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don montalvo (not verified)
active-dot-com = spam (nm)
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