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In my search for a bike to replace the recently stoled Landshark I came across this female custom frame builder in NM who specilizes in women's frames/bikes. The prices seem very reasonable and she has a very thorough questionnaire for fitting a frame. She said that she hasn't sold any frames to NYC cylists, but just in case, did anyone hear of this frame builder or perhaps even ridden or seen one of her bikes? See the link below. Thanks very much.

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Jk (not verified)

There is an out of print bike magazine, Bicycle Guide, that did features on small custom builders. Luna Cycles was featured once and got an outstanding review. Margo does very clean, beautiful work and of course understands the issues of women and small cyclists. I believe you couldn't go wrong with having Margo build a frame for you. There is nothing like riding a custom frame!

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Christian (not verified)

Luna, that's Margo Conover, right? She knows how to fit small women, and knows how race bikes should handle. Have heard nothing but good things about her!

Seems like a great choice to me.

- Christian

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Marina (not verified)
Thanks and request

"Thank you, JK and Christian. I really wish I could see one of Margo's bikes, but it's good to know that people heard good things about her.

Christian, I saw some posts of yours on this board regarding small women's frame geometry, in particular about 26"" wheels as opposed to 650c. Would you mind giving me your email address so I can ask you more questions about that? I'd really appreciate it."

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Evan Marks (not verified)
Here's one of her bikes

I read that Bicycle Guide review too, and I remembered it when her fixie showed up on the FGG:

Oops - included her URL but I see you've checked out her website already.

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Christian Edstrom (not verified)

Sure, happy to help.

My name is Christian Edstrom. If you Google my name, the first hit is my website, from which you can email me.

Alternately, you can email me at my address, which has the format:

[email protected]

Just substitute in my first and last name in the appropriate spots.

- Christian

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