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Hi all, does anyone know a good (preferably not too expensive) bike fit person? I have back problems and my doctor told me I need to get professionally fitted if I want to keep riding.

Thanks for your help!

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Greg Faber (not verified)
I was gonna say...

here we go again with the ubiquitous questions that have been answered 100 times...


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HSB (not verified)

Thanks for those who gave helpful responses. Sorry to be redundant - no need to read or answer the thread though if you're sick of the question and don't want to respond! Tried searching the past month on the message board and didn't find anything. Thought someone might have some recent advice...

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Greg Faber (not verified)
I really don't care

how many times a question is asked.

I just thought it was funny that this question was posted after the giant thread regarding these types of questions that was on the board last week.

Be glad Peter O'reilly wasn't reading the board when you posted that...

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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
not the same

I only pointed such out in a helpful manner after the original poster replied back with an insolent remark. Secondly, there's plenty of bike fitters and they come and go, likewise with folks opinions of them. In contrast there's only one statement of fact for purchasing a Metro North train pass with multpile sources to immediately obtain that information.

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MC (not verified)
[email protected]

It seems that Craig Upton & Happy Freeman are the 2 names which come up most frequently as reccommedations for bike fit in NYC. R&A Cycles gets pretty high marks too.

Good Luck!

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Fendergal (not verified)

Craig Upton is in the process of relocating to the West Coast, so his days of fitting people in the NYC area are numbered. However, he may be able to refer you to somebody. He fit me for my most recent bike, and I'm quite happy with the result.

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B. Dale (not verified)
Excellent Replacement

Craig has trained an outstanding replacement (Mike Sherry) who will continue to give fittings using the same system. Mike is very good at what he does and is a really nice guy.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Happy Freedman

Hi Helen,
I wholeheartedly recommend Happy Freedman, who did my fitting. He is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to biking and very experienced. He is the coach for the Columbia biking team so he is constantly doing fittings and adjustments for the team. He is Serotta-trained and -certified but he does not sell bikes so there is no possible conflict of interests--he won't try to sell you anything. He just loves biking and wants everyone to have a good fitting bike. Also, we will do the fitting according your style of riding. Some fitters expect everyone to be racers and fit accordingly. Happy will find out how you ride and what you want to do and will fit you appropriately. I couldn't be happier with him and his work. You can reach him at (917) 664-4889.

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Steve (not verified)
bike fit
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Neile (not verified)
"Do a search of NYCC message boards under ""bike fit"""


Search by ""Title and Text"" in the ""Content"" field.

Set time for ""999 days""; ""20 results per page"" and ""expand view"".

You'll get 120 posts on the subject.

As stated, this is a recurring question."

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Anon (not verified)
Lighten up!

Some of you NYCC folks are clearly grumpy old farts with nothing better to do than take pathetic swipes at novice riders with valid questions. You don't have to read the darn posting if you find it redundant, and the board is updated frequently enough that in a few days you won't even see the offending post if you can keep your paws off the keyboard long enough for it to go it's own way. Relax! Save your competitiveness for the races. And allow people to ask questions that they feel are valid, such as how to get a proper bike fit. It doesn't matter how many times it has already appeared.

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af (not verified)
you are the one who should lighten up

If a proper search is done, the questioner is more likely to find conplete information, rather what might happen to show up as a reply the umpteenth time the same question is asked.

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Bill Vojtech (not verified)

"I've seen other message boards where FAQs are made into ""stickies"" by the webmaster/moderator– they are grouped at the top of the threads and stay there. People can continue to add to them, though some, like the rules for using the board are locked."

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Neile (not verified)
"""Some of you NYCC folks are clearly grumpy old farts ..."""

"Yeah, but at least we know shit. I don't see you contributing nothing useful -- you just stinking up the thread with your anonymous troll feces.

""with nothing better to do ...""

Hold up a mirror.

""take pathetic swipes at novice riders with valid questions.""

Next to riding and eating, that is the most fun, yes.


Seriously, it's not unreasonable to suggest someone research the topic a bit ... and THEN come back with questions. Notwithstanding, I can suggest:

1) Happy Freedman. I haven't had Happy fit me, but we've had good conversations.

2) Harlan at Hi Caliber in White Plains. He did my initial ""Fit Kit"" as well as an accessible interpretation of the data. When I came across a used frame that matched his ""ideal"" specs, I bought it and have been very happy with it.

3) Allen at Sid's on East 34 Street. Unless you're an accomplished wrench, you want a relationship with a good local bike shop. Allen suggested fit ideas I initially rejected but later decided he was correct about. As a store, Sids offers a wide range of cycles and good, friendly service.


One more thing, bike fitting is a dynamic, ongoing process

* What may feel right when you're in shape at the end of a season may be really painful next spring until you've done a few rides.

* Many people with back problems settle on a relatively upright position. Others find that a long, low posture helps them to stretch the spine out.

* Within a single ride, you will want to assume a number of positions -- with you hands on the ""tops"", ""hoods"" and ""drops"". You will also want to be comfortable in and out of the saddle. A bike that fits well ahould allow you to do all/most of the above.

One should learn the basics rather than look on it as received wisdom."

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John Z (not verified)

I love the message board when the weather turns bad...

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Anon (not verified)
Thanks for your reply, which has some useful info. (nm)


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Sid (not verified)
Hi Caliber is gone

Hi Caliber was acquired by Altheus ( in Rye.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
Yes, Hi Caliper is gone but

Yes, Hi Caliper is gone but Mike Sherry, a racer and fitter for Craig Upton did my fit. And Harlan's fit for me 7.5 years ago was amazingly close to what Mike came up with a couple of months ago. I assume Mike is still around.
Mike's email is [email protected]

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SA (not verified)
Back Problems

You mentioned back problems in your words about bike fit. Do you (or does anyone) know of resources about the relationship of back problems and cycling; i.e., what bikes/positions are better for different kinds of problems; what helps/ what hurts?


cycling trips