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Anyone have any practical experience with Voler's Tempra Tech Thermal Jacket, Boure's PRO thermal jacket, or Craft's Gore Wind stop thermal jacket? Looking to suit up for those cold winter rides. Thanks.

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RJ (not verified)

Assos makes some really great winter duds

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bill (not verified)

I love the craft gore wind stop. I bought it at sids. It's one of my favorites in my collection. You need to wear some warm under stuff for the really cold days - i love the merlino wool base layer under it.

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Bob Shay (not verified)
Other options...

"Items that have worked for me include a base layer and one of two jackets depending on the temperature.

Base layer - Hind Drylete or thermolete long sleeve shirt really transfers sweat away from the skin. It is soft material and fantastic for long rides when you don't want to feel wet clammy. I prefer the ones with the 8"" zipper at the neck. About $75. I purchase mine at Super Runners on 89th and Lex. You may want to call first.

Jackets - I have one for 28 to 40 degrees and one for 40 to 60 degrees. The jacket for colder weather is a Cannondale Thermal 2004 model and I purchased it at Sierra Trading Post at closeout for $119. It is a great jacket - form fitting, lots of compartments, 10"" under arm vent zippers for when it warms up, and a double zipper in front. The jacket for warmer weather is an Assos Airjack 851 that I got on sale for $200. I got the Assos because the Descente Shelter jacket wasn't in stock yet. I don't know if I would buy the Assos again. It is a great jacket and is warm, and transfers moisture very very well, but it is too expensive at the full retail price. I would have opted for a Descente Element ($140)or Shelter Jacket ($200). You can see them at or or maybe a LBS this year. The Shelter won't be available until end of October/early November.

Stay warm,


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