B15/16 & B17/18 Fall Foliage Bedford/Greenwich rides Cancelled

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  • B15/16 & B17/18 Fall Foliage Bedford/Greenwich rides Cancelled
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As of this posting the forecasts, to say the least, are not promising for Saturday. Even if the pavement is dry when you get up in the AM the forecasts are for 70% chance of steady hard rain in the direction we were to go. So sleep in……Wayne, Hannah, Ellen & Mark

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SunBoy (not verified)

Too bad. Some of us were hoping we could postpone the Sat. Foliage ride to Sunday.

Darn that Mother Nature - payback for a dry, hot summer!

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Wayne Wright (not verified)
If you want to go it on your own ...

For anyone who feels like braving the conditions on Saturday, or who hopes for better weather on Sunday, the cuesheet for this ride is at this NYCC ride library link:


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Bob (not verified)

Thanks, Wayne - you're all Wright!
Mark's pretty cool too.
Thanks both for planning the Foliage rides.

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Ron Torok (not verified)
Re-Schedule for Sunday?

Anyone interested in leading a B15-16 same ride for Sunday? Perhaps with a late start -- weather should be good by mid morning.

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