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Greetings fellow members,

I am looking to stock up on the necessary clothing and supplies to ride throughout the winter. The local bike shop only has so much. What NYC Bike shop has the most selection for this kind of stuff? Also, I am looking to get another saddle....who do you think has the best selection in the city?

Thanks for all the help,


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Jonathan (not verified)
NYC Bike Shops for Clothing

My LBSs (lower Manhattan) are Gotham and Bike Habitat, but I find that Sid's (34th St) has a better selection of clothing overall.
I'd like to hear about some others too.

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John Miller (not verified)

R & A in Brooklyn has a room devoted to clothing; jerseys are mostly Euro-spec (a lot of pro team kit) and pricey. Shorts/tights are mostly high-end Pearl I., Assos and such. This is the place to piece together your dream-poseur outfit. The area can look like a mess but they seem to have anything you could ever ask for -- you just usually have to ask for it, and never expect it to be cheap.

Paragon Sports in Manhattan seems to have more generic (meaning non-team) jerseys and a large assortment of shorts by size. The selection is more diverse price-wise -- I recommend Sugoi for bang-for-buck -- and the store has regular end-of-season clearance sales.

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J (not verified)
also try toga on lower UWS (nm)
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Diane Goodwin (not verified)

Hi Keith,

When I went looking for my carbon Evolution 3 Sella Italia, like always, R&A had it - no one in Manhattan had it. They seem to always have accessories which are high end .... no one else will take a risk to carry. The same happened with my Giro Atmos helmet.

Clothing for winter ... well, I shop different places. Conrads is great for Assos clothing but you might want to go online. I bought neoprine booties at Piermont Bike Shop and Renaissance carries some manufacturers I like. I commute in winter, so I buy layered stuff.

Don't forget Campmor in Paramus, NJ ... go soon or you will never find good prices and the choices become slim. They run out of Duofold (I like this brand the most) undershirts/pants/etc... quickly and they do not replenish until Spring.

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Robert (not verified)
Winter Clothing

I was at Sids the other day and they have just received their winter clothing shipment. Many items to chose from and as usual at Sids only the best of quality.

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Steve (not verified)
winter rides

You might want to try They have a lots of nice stuff for winter


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Keith (not verified)
NYC Bike Shops

Thanks everybody for the info....much appreciated!


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Bob Shay (not verified)
A couple thoughts....

"Here are a couple of articles of clothing that I have found over the years to be excellent for colder/winter riding.

Bellwether booties and windfront tights - very well made and the tights are comfortable in temps ranging from 25 to 55 degrees F. About $50 and $70, respectively. I used to buy them at a LBS in NYC but can't find them anymore except at

Hind Drylete or thermolete long sleeve shirt - a base layer shirt that really transfers sweat away from the skin. It is soft material and fantastic for long rides when you don't want to feel wet clammy. I prefer the ones with the 8"" zipper at the neck. About $75. I used to purchase mine at Super Runners on 89th and Lex.

Gloves - between 40 and 60 degrees F. I prefer Gore Windstoppers because they are flexible, warm, durable, and transfer sweat well. About $35. LBS may have but does too. Between 28 and 40 degrees I prefer Pearlizumi lobster gloves. You can get the 2004 model at for about $45.

Jackets - I have one for 28 to 40 degrees and one for 40 to 60 degrees. My colder jacket is a Cannondale Thermal 2004 model and was purchased at Sierra Trading Post at closeout for $119. My warmer jacket is a Assos Airjack 851 that I got on sale. I got the Assos because it is more aerodynamic and shaves about 10 minutes off of my morning rides. Plus, the Descente Shelter jacket wasn't in stock yet. I don't know if I would buy it again though. It is a great jacket and is warm, and transfers moisture very very well, but it is too expensive. I would have opted for a Descente Element ($140)or Shelter Jacket ($200). You can see them at or or maybe a LBS this year. The Shelter won't be available until end of October.

And, if you are really serious about riding below 40 degrees you may want to consider Hotronic toewarmers. You can see my review on the product on They retail for $160 and really work. Also try - a website for winter riding enthusiasts.


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Michael (not verified)
Hotronics for sale

If you are interested in Hotronics, I have a brand new pair, never used, from a few seasons ago. would sell them for $100. email me if interested.

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