Bronx Tour

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Lookin for anyone to do this Tour de Bronx. Leave from Botanical Garden. B17/18

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Jonathan (not verified)

Which loop are you going to do? I initially thought I'd do the 25 miles since I am fairly new but after the MS Ride (30) I think I could do 40. B17/18 seems about my pace. I'd be starting at the Botanic Gardens.

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Steve (not verified)
Tour de Bronx

Jon... will do 40. Did MS/60. Was great. Would like to get a few people for this.

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Eric (not verified)
bronx tour

Hi im doing the bronx tour too!, But im leaving from bronx county supreme court House at 161 street on the grandconcourse. I'll be doing 25 miles with a few beginners c-13. Looking for anyone who would like to join us.

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Steve (not verified)

Just reposting previous message.
Anyone looking to join small pack doing Tour de Bronx
B17/18 pace meeting at Botanical gardens. Rain cancells

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Luke (not verified)

Anyone do this before? I'm debating whether to catch the 7:23am Metro-North train that gets into Botanical Garden at 7:45 or take the 8:23 that gets in at 8:45 when check-in is at 9am.

How long is check-in?

I'd rather start at the front of the pack then trying to get through a mess of people. Then again, I don't want to sit around for an hour.


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Ron Torok (not verified)
B15-16 out of Grand Concourse

Anyone interested in joining?

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