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Feel silly asking for this, but as a new member and relatively new NYC resident I was wondering if anyone could point me to a reliable map showing the proper route for riding a bike from the Riverside Park bike path to NJ, via the GW. I tried it once and nearly got sucked into the cars-only lanes. I've done a few cursory searches of this site and the web in general, but haven't really found anything. Thanks a lot.


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Ivy (not verified)
join a ride!

No need to feel silly! It's probably a bit confusing to try to interpret any of the directions that are out there. Not because they are poorly written, simply because this is not an intuitive thing. I would say the easiest way to learn it would be to join an NYCC ride that is headed that way. Look for a New Jersey destination or email the ride leader and ask.

Welcome to NY.

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esass (not verified)
Transportation alternatives


Hope this helps.

The route starts on the greenway, crosses underneath the highway around 155th and then the ramp up to 158th. Follows regular streets from there onto the bridge. (The South path is reopened.)

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Fendergal (not verified)

It may be heresy to some, but I believe it's easier to approach the bridge via Riverside and Fort Washington Avenue.

Get off the greenway at 96th Street. Continue north on Riverside. Turn right on 165th Street, and go up the big hill. Turn left on Fort Washington. Turn left on 177th Street. Go two short blocks and make a right on Cabrini. The curb cut for the bike/ped path is at the corner on the left side of Cabrini where it intersects with 178th Street.

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Evan Marks (not verified)
And another way

You can stay on the bike path past the bridge, up the hill, back and forth on the switchback turns and end up parallelling the HH Pkwy 'til you get to the ped/bike overpass, then climb 181 St to Ft Wash Av, turn right and you're at the bridge.

I agree with Fendergal though - I much prefer Riverside Dr.

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PLee (not verified)
And the Little Red Lighthouse

An added benefit of Evan's route is you get to ride by the Little Red Lighthouse - always a pleasant sight.

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April (not verified)

Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try the next time I'm heading over that way. Always a sucker for different routes!

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