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There's a slight chance of a shower in the am but it doesn't look like any big deal.

Please sign up here for a head count and check back later tonite to see if we're ON.

This ride leaves from Eleanor Roosevelt at 9.30, heads up to Piermont or Nyack for lunch, is back to the NYC side of the GWB by about 2.30 or 3.

We'll have to discuss River Road because there may be tons of fallen, wet leaves, like in Central Park.

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Rick Isham (not verified)
Tuesday B 10/18 B Ride

Rick Isham is signed up. River Road is fine. We rode it Sunday for the MS Tour and the only thing to watch for is the leaves covering some of the pot holes/uneven pavement. See you at Eleanor Roosevelt statute.

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Bonnie Sihler (not verified)

Please sign me up. see you in the morning.

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Maggie Schwarz (not verified)
This ride is ON

see you at 9.30, at Eleanor Roosevelt statue, 72nd and Riverside.

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