Car Accident with Bicycles on the rack.

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I was driving my car with 2 bicycles on a trunk rack today and got into an accident. I was rear-ended by another car. My car too some damage on the trunk and right signal light, but the most damage seems to be the bicycles themselves. On one of them the crank set is very bent and there is a dozen or so scratches in the carbon fork.

Everyone is physically ok, a little sore - maybe whiplash, But I’m very worried about how to handle the bicycles with the insurance company. Does anyone have advice or a similar story? I'd love to hear from you.

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Joe Soda - 12th Alpha Male(formerly EAJ) (not verified)

Document everything with the bikes. Get your original receipts. Go to a bike store and get written estimates for new parts, labor, etc. Present them to the claims adjuster and you should get a check on the spot.

I got rear-ended in Maine with bikes on the spare tire rack. Fortunately the driver at fault was not from Maine, so they had insurance. I immediately got the bikes fixed because we were on vacation, and the insurance co. sent out a claims adjuster a few weeks later and paid for everything without a problem. Just be sure to prove that it is an expensive bike (if it is) that uses expensive parts, and not a beater.

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