Is this a good use of club money? NYCC listed in Yellow Pages.

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  • Is this a good use of club money? NYCC listed in Yellow Pages.
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I just noticed the NYCC has a listing in the new (Oct., 2005) Verizon Yellow Pages (under Bicycles-Dealers, Repairers & Rentals, p. 135). Only now do I discover it was also in the previous edition of it, and for all I know, in earlier editions and maybe in whatever is the competitive Yellow Pages that is also distributed in NYC.

Question: Why? What does this cost? It's listed in all capital letters. Very few listings are. Does that cost more than u&l? No other bike club (CRCA, 5BBC, etc.) is listed. What has the NYCC gotten for this expense? Has it attracted more in members' dues than it costs? Does the club ask new members, or people who contact it inquiring about membership how they learned of the club? Is so, how many have?

If the club is intent on doing this, would it not be better to be listed under Bicycle Tours? Is the White Pages listing not sufficient?

Summary: Is this a good use of members' money?

Maybe it is. I honestly don't know. I'm willing to learn. I'm willing to be surprised. Just asking.

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Rob (not verified)

Not speaking for the RH Donelly Company, the people who own the Yellow Pages that Verizon uses here is the usual deal.

Th deal HAS been that every Business that has a phone line is intitled to a free Yellow Page listing of its main phone line in a Category of their choice in the Yellow Pages. To make it BOLD costs a few dollars a month more.

This policy can or may have changed, but it is very minor.


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Why I disagree that business phones have a free listing.

Exactly one--one--major ADVERTISING AGENCY is listed, and no second tier agency. In fact, the category is so not there that the category listing is, itself, odd.

Not one first or second tier MAGAZINE is listed.

There is no listing for GROCERY stores.

I'm of the opinion each of them has a business phone.

I was not extended such an opportunity under either of my business names for my business phone in the Yellow Pages. (Both are in the White Pages.)

More importantly, since people are more likely to turn to the White Pages for the club listing and all phones are offered a White Pages listing, why isn't the club listed there?

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Rob (not verified)

I will double check my ads in the am at work.
My display ads in the yellow pages are long gone.
You are correct on the White Pages.


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<a href="">Peter O'Reilly</a> (not verified)
Let Your Fingers Do The Walking...

"...And let your cycling legs do the talking. I have no idea. Have you asked Neil Young?"

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Neile (not verified)
"What's a ""Yellow Pages""? (nm)"

"Seriously, at my computer store, we were discussing the size and shape of a renewal ad and realized that virtually none of us had opened a YP in years -- we just ""googled"" everything.

[I know the next line ... ""What's a 'google'?"" And should the ""G"" be capitalized?]"

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former treasurer (not verified)
yellow pages

i was treasurer for four years and I don't recall ever placing a yellow page ad for any phone listings. I suspect that you would hear the same from the outgoing treasurer.

A separate question is why we even have a phone listing anymore. The answering machine takes up space in someone's closet that might have a beter use.

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