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I am interested in buying a road bike. I do not care if it new or used and I would like it to be in good shape, good quality and from the mid-nineties or early 2000's. I am 6'1"", so I am looking for a frame size around 57cm with a standover height of about 83cm. I am looking to spend some money but under $1,000. Also, I would prefer steel over aluminium and obviously carbon fiber would be great, but that is probably a pipe dream. Maybe an aluminium bike with a carbon fiber fork and seat post.

Right now I ride a 1984 Voloce - It is fine, but a little slow. I have started doing triathlons and am interested in upgrading my bike. I would like something with index rather than friction shifting with integrated gears and breaks.

If interesed in selling something, please get in touch with me.

Thanks a lot
[email protected]"

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ITNOC (not verified)
61 cm Lemond Zurich

What size bike are looking for? I have a 2003 Lemond Zurich, 61cm frame with full Ultegra components, in excellent conditon that I'm looking to sell.

Good luck in your quest!

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Micah (not verified)

"sounds interesting but I think 61cm frome is a little too large for somebody that is 6'1"". I think i need something in te 57cm frame range

But, if you think it would fit, I would be interesed in seeing the bike


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hannah (not verified)
frame size

"Fwiw, I'm 5'11"" and ride a 61cm frame for my road/touring bike. Fits me better than any bike I've ever had. (My commuter bike is even bigger.)


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Matt P. (not verified)
And how much do you want to spend?


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alan resnick (not verified)

look at my ad-the Kona Road might work for you-I am 6 ft tall Alan

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