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my parents are going to Milan and I am requesting that they return with the shorts (or bibs) and jersey of local racing teams. does anybody know of particular shops that may have such items?

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jacopo (not verified)
milan local teams

I used to live in Milan till 3 yrs ago.
Quite a few Milan bike shops sponsor amateur teams. Some that I know well are:
GUERCIOTTI viale Petrocchi, 10 - 02/26826954 -
ROSSIGNOLI via Garibaldi, 65 - 02/804960 -

If you travel to the hinterland, you can visit some of the greatest bike manufacturer and buy merchandise there:
Colnago (Cambiago)
DE ROSA (Cusano)

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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
Milan-area bike stores, et al.

You may find this useful although it is not Milan-centric.

The Guerciotti shop is a short, short walk from Stazione Centraale, the main train station.

I haven't been there in many years, but the Cinelli shop in Milan (now Cinelli-Columbus) was outstanding.

I don't know that the Rossin factory and shop are in the location where I last knew it to be (in Cavenago) but it was a short distance, likely less than two miles, from the Colnago factory/shop and I found them a lot more accomodating than Colnago.

When you're at Colnago you're more than half way to Bergamo. Bar Augusto is an inn/restaurant much patronized by local teams whose pictures line the walls. It is near Bergamo which is c. 25 miles from Milano.

Legnano and Treviglio are also near Milano and are home to bike centers.

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seth (not verified)

thanks for the info. i am looking for shops in Milan. i don't want to ask my parents to go looking any further than the city.

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