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"I am keeping an eye for changes on, but so far the forecast does not look promising: a 90% chance of ""heavy"" rain on Saturday. Let's wait until this evening and hope for a change for the better.


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jonathan friedman (not verified)
Still NOT looking Good after 6pm

The rain looks to be headed slowly northward & eastward. It looks as though the rain will continue in CT even after it has ended here. I am not very hopeful, at this point.

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jonathan friedman (not verified)
Saturday's Eastern CT Ride Canceled

From the national weather service (, the weather in central to eastern CT looks to be slightly worse than here. The hour by hour forecast (the tabular forecast) is 100% chance of rain all day for Middletown, Durham & Lyme CT. We'll try to find a day for the same ride early next spring or summer. Sorry about this.

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