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This Saturday is the annual Folding Bike Ride and Festival, the perfect chance to check out all sorts of folders and figure out what kind of folding bike might work for you. Anyone who's folding curious can come on the ride and to the festival, and in fact there are usually a few non-bikers who show up to the festival to admire the wheels.

Ride is at 2:00 leaving from all the way west on 23rd St. (aka Chelsea Piers). Festival is at 4:00 all the way east on 23rd St. (aka Stuyvesant Cove). Both are free and sponsored by TIME'S UP! Yours truly is leading, astride a Brompton.


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hannah (not verified)
Swift Folder

I got confirmation that Peter Reich of Swift Folder (and Brooklyn) will be there with his new 19-pound model Swift.


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Marina (not verified)


Is the ride and festival on for tomorrow, despite the forcast?

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