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Posting for a friend (I ride outside): Does anyone know of spin classes available that are not associated with a gym? Or secondly, a gym where you can pay for spin classes without belonging to the gym?


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Basil A (not verified)
Your local Bike Shop - maybe.

"Toga have certainly done them in the past - you bring your bike on certain evenings and set it up on their trainer.
I THINK SBR (triathlete store on 57/58 St?) may also have ""spin"" classes there.

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Carl (not verified)
Spinning Class

Go to www.spinning.com and type in a zip code to find where the center for spinning are in your area.

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j (not verified)

there is a place in park slope. it is 8th ave and between 8th and 13th street.

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JP (not verified)



But the spin leader, Kirk Whiteman, has left thr city I believe. Check it out.

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Tonya (not verified)

I don't know of a place in the city, but there's a place that just does spin classes on Eastchester Road (across from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine) in the Bronx.

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