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Hey fellow bikers,

I have a question for you guys and gals as I have no idea where to look. I am from Marin County California, also known as the birthplace of Mnt. Biking. I might one day, move to NYC, and was wondering if there are mountains to ride (road or dirt) within a 90 minute drive from Manhattan. The last time I was in NYC I visited my sister somewhere that was in the Mnts. and it went up for a while. I wish I could tell you where it was. The bus ride if I remember correctly, was about 90 minutes and went through Jersey. If I move there I am just hoping I can find at least a 2.5k mountain pass to ride my road bike on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nor-Cal Soul Brotha Hippie :)

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John Z (not verified)
More Details?

"What do you mean by ""2.5K,” elevation or distance? There are many climbs within 90 minutes of NYC with a distance longer than 2.5K. There are none (in the entire East) greater than 2.5K elevation. In addition, we don’t have many true passes, most are summits. For example:

Bear Mountain – 7.25K distance, 380 meter elevation, about 50 miles from NYCC.

More info here:, but this needs to be updated to include some of the longer climbs outside the city.

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Stephan (not verified)

Hey thanks for the reply. I ment as in verticle gain. For example the highest point in marin is 2500ft. I was just curious if there are any climbs similar in gain around NYC.


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John Z (not verified)
2500 -- No

We have several in the 1250-1500 foot range, none 2500 feet. However, in the Adirondacks is Whiteface with a 3500 vertical foot gain (road ends at 4600 foot elevation the summit is at 4867). Whiteface is about a 5 hour drive from NYC.

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John Z (not verified)

Here are our longest local climbs:

Sam's Point - 4.5 miles, 1725 vertical feet gained (315' to 2040').

Lake Minnewaska - 6.4 miles, 1425 vertical feet gained (253' to 1678').

Yagerville Road - 4 miles 1200 vertical feet gained (870' to 2070'); however, the road leading to Yagerville has two step climbs with some flats in between. By hammering in the flat spots, one can get quite a workout with a total gain of 1765 vertical feet over about 12.5 miles.

Slide Mountain - 11.5 miles, 1630 vertical feet gained (1050' to 2680') the first miles are only slightly uphill, but again ride this part hard and the whole climb becomes a good effort. A true pass as well.

All these climbs are close to each other and may be combined in several different was for an interesting route.

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