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"My 12 year old Cannondale winter jacket has seen better days. I need a new jacket for temps between 28 and 40 degrees F that I can wear for 8 hours on the bike. My primary problem with many jacket types is that they pool sweat in the forearm area 3 hours into the ride. I want to avoid this so the jacket has to be very ""breathable"". The jacket does not have to be waterproof/rainproof.

I purchased the new Cannondale Thermal Jacket on sale, which I found out later is waterproof, and I am returning it because after trying it on it feels more like a wet suit and I am fairly certain that it will pool sweat in the forearm area. For warmer temps - 40s/50s F I have the Assos Airjack 851 but I don't want to spring the $500+ big ones for the new Assos Fujujack jacket.

I have my eye on the Giordana Tenax Pro $225 from Piermont bicycle ( but I haven't seen one yet. Does anyone have a recommendation?



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Christian (not verified)

Down to freezing, I would use a wool baselayer and a wool jersey like an Ibex Shackleton, possibly combined with a windvest.

I have an Ibex Neve wool softshell jacket for properly cold temperatures. The Breakaway jacket would probably be better for your suggested temperature range.

I also have an Assos Roubaix jacket. It is hopeless in all temperatures, as it is too cold below 35 and causes you to sweat out in temps any higher. I've never owned a less satisfying garment... Basically, I've come to the conclusion that anything with a windblocking membrane is utter crap.

- Christian

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George Arcarola (not verified)
winter warmth

Bob, I find myself in agreement with Christian (what a shock!!) with regards to the 'wind membrane'. I think you might find experimenting with layers could give you some options. I've been out at any temperature above 25F using tights, booties, long fingered gloves, head cover (in addition to my helmet), I've found that if my hands, feet and head are warm I can be comfortable with the following:
L/S under armor (preferably in a dark color)
L/S jersey
A cycling jacket (mine cost $180)
And a neck cover (I think we used to
call them dickies)
Below that temperature (down to 20F last winter), I can throw on a down vest to keep my core warm- not very aerodynamic, but warm, and add a second pair of gloves.

My wife would kill me if I spent more than $200 on a cycling specific article of clothing.

Yes, I'm whipped,

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