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I have to ship my bike from New York to North Carolina and I need a recommendation in the city for a good place to package it and send it off - and also a reccomendation for a good carrier or service. I don't mind paying more to make sure it's well taken care of. I've heard all the horror stories so I'm a little nervous about doing it for the first time...thank you!!!

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Christian (not verified)

Pack it yourself; you'll do a more thorough job than anyone else. Send it FedEx Ground; much better than UPS.

- Christian

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robert (not verified)
bike shop

I wouldn't and haven't done it myself. No shame in that. Most bike shops will pack the bike for about $35. (shipping is extra) Sids on E34 has done a good job for me. I think its best to take it to a bike shop that knows you so that they will feel a bit more responsible about packing it carefully.

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