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Many NYCC members, like me, are also members of the Westchester Cycle Club, which on Sunday is holding its Golden Apple ride, with rides from 25 to 125 miles. Easy to get to from NYC -- the ride starts at the Goldens Bridge station on Metro North's Harlem line.

The weather's looking good for Sunday, so come on up for a beautiful ride. You can register at:

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jlima (not verified)
100 mile ride

For a 100 mile (amateur) race, curious what would be considered a respectable time within which to finish? Thanks.

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robert (not verified)
good times

"these are rides not races, there is no official timekeeping. the main difference being that people stop many times for food/drink/bathroom/rest etc. The stops are usually at set places along the road where the sponsor has set up facilities.

A ""good"" riding time would be 6 hours, the equivalent of what the NYCC calls an A19-20 ride. (Some will do it faster, the majority slower.) Figure that with stops, that would mean 7-8 hours from start to finish.

If this were an amateur road race (no stops, fast riders in a peloton) the total time would be around 4 1/2 hours. (FYI: most amateur races are much shorter distances.)"

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arthur cowan (not verified)
golden apple

I think I'm taking either the 6.32 a.m. train or the 7.48 a.m. train on the Harlem line to get to the ride. Looks like a great day.


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