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Who: A/B/C. This course is a loop so you can ride as fast or slow as you like
When: 8:15 (at Penn station) Sunday 25 Sept.
Where are we riding: Stillwell woods


How to get there: 8:38 am from Penn Station
Return: trains leave Cold Spring Harbor at 9 past the hour
What to bring: You should know what you need. I will print some trail maps. No permit required.
Cancels: Nothing, I ride in the rain.

I have never been to Stillwell woods, but it should be fun. If anyone is interested please post or email me at [email protected] (if you don't let me know I will catch an earlier train).

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Neile (not verified)
What skill levels are required?

Does the loop comprise fire roads? Single track? Technical?


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Rob M (not verified)
No idea

I have never been but take a look at:


I'm taking my 'cross bike if that makes a difference. I have been told the main loop is easy, but there are hard options.

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

Rob, if you do the triangle trail in Stillwell, a cross bike would be pushing it.

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Fixer (not verified)

"Herb's thinking like a MTB'er - that is ride over, under, or through anything in your path. A 'crosser knows there's no shame in hopping off and running when the going gets technical. That's why ""true"" 'cross bikes never have granny rings.

That said, even though Stillwell's a bunny trail, what it does have is lots of deep sand. Fat tires float over the stuff, but narrower tires will dig and sink. At least it don't hurt much if you do down...."

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Ted (not verified)

Technical, singletrack, for the most part, some sections of doubletrack.
Bethpage is another option for the less experienced and also cross crowd

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