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I am seeking a place or a website where I can get a good cue sheet holder. I am looking for one with a plastic covering to protect against rain, and more frequently, sweat.


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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Cue sheet holder

"CycoActive BarMap is what I use. It keeps cue sheets dry even in downpours."

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chris o (not verified)

That is exactly what I am looking for.

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Rob (not verified)
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Neile (not verified)
Consider making something

"I'd look for a pack of cheap looseleaf inserts at an office supply place.

Or the heavier ones used to temporarily tag inventory.

Fold/cut to 8 1/2 x 5 1/2"" and clip it *forward* of the handlebar between the brake levers and the stem.

You may want to use clear packing tape to seal the edges if they're sewn and/or gaffer's tape so the clips can get a good grip.

If the setup is *behind* the bar it's too awkward to read without stopping and if it's of a useful size, the edge will hit your knees."

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