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Hi, according to the new bulletin the new NYCC jerseys should be available through, however I am not able to find where to order it. There are no details on how to do it on the page that was advertized in the bulletin: Does anyone know more?
Thanks, Radek

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John Kalish (not verified)
Jerseys on
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Lee Ann (not verified)
NYCC Jerseys

SO, is this new jersey cut as a ""Pro Fit"", ""Semi Relaxed Fit"" or ""Relaxed Fit""??? There is a bit difference."

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David Hallerman (not verified)
Size Type Matters a Lot

"I reiterate Lee Ann's question: Is this new jersey cut as a ""Pro Fit"", ""Semi Relaxed Fit"" or ""Relaxed Fit""???

She says, ""There is a bit difference.""

I say there's a huge difference...I have three Garneau-manufactured jerseys, all the same nominal size. One fits great, one is slightly large, and one is very large.

So, the cut is key.

Thanks for any and all exact help."

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

"The women's jerseys are the ""pro fit"" Men's jerseys are the ""semi relaxed fit"

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John Kalish (not verified)
Which size?

Well, now that I know which fit the jerseys are, how do I read the size chart? Are the chart sizes (S,M,L, etc) for Pro Fit, and then you choose a smaller size for the other fits, or are the sizes in the chart for another fit?

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Cindy Brome (not verified)
Jersey fit

If we order the wrong size, do we return them to, or are we stuck with them?

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Herb Dershowitz (not verified)

John I can't answer your question because I don't know.
Cindy, you just place the order thru Active, I mail them to you. If the size is incorrect, send it back to me.

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Evan Marks (not verified)

"Herb, give us a ""for instance"" - you weigh such-and-such, normally wear a so-and-so from this-and-that manufacturer (or a blah-blah type of NYCC jersey), and how this one fits relative to all that. Thx."

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David Hallerman (not verified)
"An Indirect ""For Instance"""

"I think that, with the info from Herb that this Garneau will be the Semi-Relaxed fit, and with my experience having three Garneau jerseys, all the same nominal size, all fitting differently, here's my indirect take:

* The three I have now are all XL, which is one size up from my normal size L (and I am 5'11"" and about 175 lbs.)

* The one that fits well is probably the Pro Fit, which is the first one I got, which made me think I needed XL in all Garneau jerseys (made me think Garneau jerseys ran small)

* However, with the looser fit of the Semi Relaxed, I would probably then need size L, my normal size for other brands of plastic jerseys, such as Pearl Izumi or Primal Wear

So, I'm guessing that with the men's sizes, at least, you should buy your normal size.

Were our previous Garneau-made jerseys, the SofL ones, also Semi-Relaxed? I would think so, which is why my XL is a bit too big on me.

David, the indirect extrapolator"

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Carolyn (not verified)


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Evan Marks (not verified)

Size chart:

Please turn off your caps lock - it's the visual equivalent of shouting. Thx.

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maryellen (not verified)

There is info re the jerseys in the latest weekly email.

Once at the site try continuing as if you are registering for an event. Worked for me.

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David R (not verified) doesn't publish their privacy policy

"Before you go hand over your critical private information like your name, address, phone and date-of-birth (all required fields), you should realize that currently does not post their privacy policy. If you select the ""privacy"" link at the bottom of the page, you get a message that states the page is no longer supported.

Name, address and phone are one thing--anyone can get that from the phone book--but date-of-birth??!!? won't say why they need it, and they won't tell me if they'll give it out to anyone, so I can only assume the worst."

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Can We Buy Jerseys Directly From the Club?

Yes, I agree with David: why should we fork over our date of birth in order to purchase a jersey, especially to an organization that refuses even to post a privacy policy?

Message to Board: how about reevaluating our relationship with

Can we buy jerseys directly from the club without going through Perhaps at the monthly meetings?

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af (not verified)
they don't know what your d-o-b is

You can put any date at all in the DOB field and no one will be the wiser.

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"Chainwheel" (not verified)
Big Brother

"""You can put any date at all in the DOB field and no one will be the wiser.""

The Birthday Police will find you!



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hal eskenazi (not verified)
club profit on jersey's

carolyn, as a point of information, no the jersey's aren't a revenue stream for the club as they are priced very close to cost. just an fyi. however, i do hear your frustration. hal eskenazi, vp prog.

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Derek (not verified)

As a suggestion, could we possibly use PayPal to pay NYCC directly? I hate paying a commission as on certain rides and I think all of us would rather pay NYCC any add'l processing fees. Let's keep it in the 'family!'


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Richard Rosenthal (not verified)
The obvious solution to keeping it in the family is.... have checks, payable to the NYCC, sent right here in New York City to a trustworthy and responsible club member who would assume the bookeeping and attendant responsibilities. ...Just as it used to be.

A question I asked of the club president in January but which he never answered:

How are club members who are not online to buy jerseys, et al.?

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April (not verified)

"Not that I'm a fan of (or even PayPal for that matter). But the ""old-fashioned way"", from what I understand, the ""processing fee"" is obsorbed by the volunteers in the club. Whoever receive the check has to go to the bank to deposite it, and yes, the bookkeeping etc.

I don't know if the club is awash with volunteers or not. But given I don't have the time to volunteer myself, I wouldn't exactly want to INSIST the club does it the ""old-fashioned"" way!"

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el jefe (not verified)

You don't have time to volunteer but you seem to have plenty of time to post. You're always answering on behalf of the Board and other volunteers.
There are many people that don't have credit cards or do not have the trust to put their info on the net. Why should we punish these people and not allow them to buy a club jersey? It was just a suggestion and it was made by someone who volunteers much of his time to the club. It deserves consideration.

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April (not verified)
Time to volunteer

"""You don't have time to volunteer but you seem to have plenty of time to post. ""

You got that right! I'm a computer jockey. I interlace work with posting here. Is there something I can do for the club while in my office, WITH A COMPUTER AND THE INTERNET??? I'll be happy to volunteer my time!

But I can't collect checks and run to the bank, or mark routes for the ENY, or even hassle people to lead rides sitting in front of my computer at my office from 8am to 7 pm! Frankly, whatever I can do for the club will likely go in the direction that alianate the ""old-fashion"", no-internet crowd even more!

Be careful what you wish, you might get it!

I have nothing against keep doing things the old-fashion way. But to imply that's saving money for the club, I think is a stretch. The money ""saved"" is at the expense of club volunteers, I REPEAT! Maybe the simple reason being there's no one to take charge of selling the jersey in person. And perhaps another volunteer need to step forward to take that up?"

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Deborah Bennett (not verified)

We decided to use only for this jersey order because in the past 3 years at least we have had a lot of problems associated with accepting checks for jerseys, namely:
- we had bounced checks and got charged a fee and despite my efforts were never able to recover this money
- we had a hard time getting people to use or clearly complete our order form that accompanied the checks. This meant we were unclear on desired sizing, etc or needed to do follow-up or made a mistake in ordering
- if someone other than me collected the checks it would take a long time to get them or I never got them. This in a few cases also caused errors in ordering.

Getting payment through Active certainly does save a lot of time for volunteers (i.e. me) by reducing the number of checks that have to be taken to the bank for deposit. It also saves the volunteer time of writing out the deposit slip, endorsing the checks, copying down all the information related to the order (address, size, etc). It tabulates the order for us and most importantly reduces the possibility for errors because it electronically collects the order information from the member and transfers it onto a report we can use for placing the order with the vendor and then distributing the jerseys.

Deborah, treasurer

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EToainShrdlu (not verified)
Another option

"There's also a thing called cash. I don't know whether you've ever heard of it, but people once found it extremely useful.

I just looked at a $20 bill and it says the most extraordinary thing: ""This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private."" I think that includes club jerseys, or at least it did in the past.

The way it worked was, somebody would take a bunch of jerseys, or jackets down to a club meeting, and other people who wanted jerseys or jackets would bring cash to the meeting, and before you knew it, the club was richer and the club members looked cooler on their bikes and nobody was thwarted and everybody was happy. There were no check bouncing fees, no futile attempts at collection, no commissions paid to electronic middlemen (or are they middle robots?), no postage, no nothing except for pure unmitigated satisfaction.

Raisehellfrieda The Mud Maiden says that next to shoplifting, cash is definitely the way to go. She's sometimes a bit peculiar when it comes to her bathing habits, but in this regard I regard her as completely sane.

Mirvic the Village Elder once said, ""Technology is the art of taking something easy and making it harder and more expensive.""

Just a thought worth mentioning.

Your Pal,
Etoain Shrdlu


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don montalvo (not verified)

...better, cheaper and no spam. ;)


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Derek chu (not verified)
pay cash OR paypal?

I'm new to the club this year and would actually buy one of those decent looking jerseys. Paypal was my initial suggestion. (pat self on back). But I ain't buying one now since its rumored they run large plus I hate dem Active robots.

Paypal allows transfers from a checking acct or credit card. So in 2006, pay in cash at a meeting or pay via Paypal? (okay so Ebay gets a commission since they own paypal) Et voila, meeting attendance goes up!

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RB (not verified)

True. with Active, you WILL get spammed. That's why they want your birthdate - to target age & gender groups to spam. However, I'm for the cash option as well. Since we're paying Active anyway, why not pay a person instead, and instead of relying on volunteers?

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Tony Mantione (not verified)
club jersey

"Boy how times have changed. as an ""old timer"" I remember the days we had to track down Jimmy Rex( may he rest in peace), on 9W on a training ride.And on the return trip, one would ride back w/ him to his house in Astoria where he kept some club jerseys. There one got the chance to try one on, pay the man and ride off. Of course back then club membership was around 250, and the jerseys were all wool w/ the club name stitched or ironed on. But life was much simpler. I have Always purchased a club jersey when the occasion was presented. Most of the transactions were flawlessly excuted by mail. On those occasions when I was able to attend the meetings I would purchase one cash. Now due to my work schedule, I have yet to do a club ride this year, and can't remember when I attended a club meeting last. It seemes that I would be penalized by not being able to purchase a club jersey unless I attend a club meeting. How about I send a check to my good friend Herb ,(another old timer) and he sends me back a jersey,just like the old days, I promise,just as in the past,that I will not bounce a check. BTW as you might have guessed,I still receive my club bullletin by mail.The printer, whom for years served us month after month, is being squeezed out of a living by modern technology and a $3 saving.........Ciao"

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don montalvo (not verified)
old habits die hard


the nycc going digital couldn't have hurt dandy/boropark. five or six years ago i pushed these guys to get a digital plate machine and to set up shop to accept digital files. if anything, the wake up call opened the door to more business.

the nycc was split on the whole pdf issue. the old timers had no choice but to accept it. the printer had no choice but to accept it too. that or spiral downward.


>The printer, whom for years served us month after month,
> is being squeezed out of a living by modern technology
> and a $3 saving.........Ciao"

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Rich (not verified)
wrong size

"I just received my new NYCC jersey but they run very big. I am 5'11"" 182 lbs and I usually use a large size jersey but the new club's large jersey is way too big. My understanding is that I can't exchange it so if there are any XL riders out there who are interrested in the new jersey let me know. The large jersey measures about 48-49"" at the chest. I certainly need a medium. Thanks."

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