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On Sunday, September 25, 2005, Linda Wintner (212-876-2798; [email protected]), Tom Denham (212-979-7017; [email protected]) , and I (917-232-2776) will be leading the All Class (A, B, C) Catskill Caravan Ride which will be about 50 miles of great riding to, around, and then returning from the Rondout Reservoir near Ellenville in the Catskills. The idea is to arrange for cars to leave from Manhattan about 9:00 AM, and begin cycling at about 11:00 A.M. from the Nevele Grand Resort, Ellenville, NY. If interested, contact one of the leaders to let us know that you want to come, and have a car to ride up in, can offer a ride to another cyclist, or need a ride. It should be a fun ride in a different area in which to ride than the usual rides around NYC.

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John Z (not verified)
Area Report


Keep in mind the Grahamsville Deli is closed, and the are no other facilities at Roundout's west end save for the bait shop and the snack bar in Sundown.

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el jefe (not verified)
where to eat

My guess is that this ride isn't going all the way to Grahamsville but there is a sit down restaurant west of Grahamsville in Union Vale or Curry. There's also a deli in Claryville.

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Rick Braun (not verified)

Thanks for the info, guys! I was aware from prior info from John that my usual stop on the ride (yes, in Grahamsville) was no longer open. My cycling friend advises that there is a Citgo in Woodbourne that makes sandwiches. We'll check out your suggestions too, Jeff (likely better than Citgo sandwiches).

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Mordecai Silver (not verified)
Restaurant west of Grahamsville

"I thought Union Vale was in Dutchess County? As for Claryville, that would entail a fairly steep climb from Rte. 55, and would add several miles to the route.

If the ride is going around the Rondout, it's passing within half a mile of Grahamsville on the west end of the reservoir. There's a take-out place about a mile west of Grahamsville on Rte. 55, called Brooks Chestnut Woods. According to this page, phone is (845)985-7655."

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el jefe (not verified)
Tikka masala

Yes, there is a Union Vale in Dutchess County. The race there has more climbing than anything I've done in Sullivan or Ulster County. My map shows a village of Union Vale in Sullivan County. I always thought of it as part of the village of Curry. There are definitely no Indian restaurants there.
As to the deli in Claryville, yes, there's a 2 mile climb at over 8% to get there. On the plus side, it's open, the owners are friendly, it's better than a Citgo station, and best of all you can do 50+mph on the way back down. But no vindaloo.

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Linda Wintner (not verified)
September 25 all-class ride

Thanks for all the great suggestions (except the over 8% climb). For anyone planning to drive up, please call Rick (917-232-2776) so that he can make arrangements for you to park in the parking lot at the Nevele. You will need to go to the Nevele Grande - Fallsview. We have a few people who would like to ride with us but do not have transportation to the Nevele. If you are planning to join us and have a car and room for one or more passengers and bikes, please email me on Friday, before 4pm ([email protected]). I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.


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