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Sorry to ask this question again, just still unclear on one little part:

I want to get the Harriman park to do the Lake Welch-Tiorati-Seven Lakes Drive loop.

I know how to get to Bear Mountain Inn from the Garrison train - do I just get on Seven Lakes Drive from Bear Mountain and stay on Seven Lakes Drive through that rotary area that also forks off to Route 6 and then I'll get to Lake Welch Drive?

The reason i ask is I wound up last time getting on Route 6 by accident thinking it was Lake Welch Drive. Whoops.

If anyone possibly has a referral to a map of that region I'd be grateful. Thank you all. J

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Russ Berman (not verified)
It's the Rotary

You got it right. The rotary on the PPI is confusing: the continuation of 7 Lakes Drive is a right turn just past the turn onto Rt 6.

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Cat (not verified)
there is a map

You can buy a very nice map of the park at the ranger station right in the middle of Tiorati Circle.

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J (not verified)

thank you!

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