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"My Mavic Ksyrium SSL wheels need servicing, and frustrates me a bit that I can't do that myself, but Mavic doesn't recommend it; I just don't find that most mechanics are up to the task either. When I ask (even at shops that sell them), I get a ""Um, Gee, well, I guess we could order the parts and if you leave the wheels we could get them back to you in a few weeks, or we could send them out...""

I could send them out myself, but Mavic (I actually called them) said servicing is provided by ""your local authorized Mavic dealer"".

Does anyone with Mavic Ksyrium SSL wheels have a recommendation for a shop that can replace the bearings and lube the freehub body?



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Jesse (not verified)
Kysrium Rebuilds

Not sure if this applies to your situation, but I blew out a Kysrium rim last year on a pothole in the park. I brought it back to Toga and they sent it back to Mavic. Two weeks and about $200 later I had a rebuilt wheel with a new rim. All things considered, I was satisfied...

Good Luck....

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David R (not verified)
I went to Sid's

"Thanks for the great advice, everyone. I made a few more calls and I ended up going to Sid's, because they were familiar with the procedures, had the parts, knew the price and offered 48-hour turn-around, PLUS they are in the city. My second choice was the bike shop in Piermont because they've always had a ""can do"" attitude with me and they've astonished me with their stock of small parts, but it would mean getting into the car twice in two weekends, killing at least 1 1/2 precious weekend hours each time.


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Sonny (not verified)


Notwithstanding the experiences relayed by others on this message board, I have always found the repair and maintenance work done at Conrad's to be top notch. I bought my K's from Conrad's in part because I knew that they would service them properly.

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anonymous (not verified)

If you bring it to Conrad's I hope you have another wheelset to ride for the month it'll take to get your K's back from them, lol.

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Why Post Anonymously?

Why are you posting anonymously? Especially since you are saying something negative, don't you think it would be better if you identified yourself? And if you don't want to identify yourself, why are you posting?

I know someone is going to flame me, but I identified myself so go ahead if you must.

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xxx (not verified)
Please let's not start this again.

Like it matters who posted???!!?!!? Please move on.

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don montalvo (not verified)
rebuilding fancy schmancy wheels...

"...when i built my bike, i was worried about the wheels. not because they're cheap-o lookers...but because i've never laced up a set of wheels like them before so i was worried about what would happen if i hit much of a p.i.t.a. would it be to get the wheel rebuilt? can it be done in the city? would i have to send it out to get rebuilt? so far the wheels are as true as they were when they were new...the rims seem pretty indestructable. keeping my fingers crossed they last until the spring.


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Arty (not verified)
Mavic wheels


Sent my front Krysium SSC SL to Mavic in Conn. sponsored by Manhattan Bikes, and one week later wheel was back at Manhattan Bike and looked brand new. Set me back $140- I was very happy with the outcome however.


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