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Re the B17 ride to Park Ridge on Sunday, be warned that we will encounter many, many stairs on the GWB as we head out of town. I'm investigating ferry options as an alternative for the way back.


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Rob (not verified)

There is the Path from Jersey City to 33rd st, costs $1.50 or $2.00(?) one way.

The ride from the GWB to JC is pretty easy.
Then again, the stairs can be worse than Hills.


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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Ferry at Port Imperial

Hi Hannah,
There is a ferry at Port Imperial, about 7 miles south of the GWB. It goes to 38th St and runs frequently. It costs $6.50 for a person + a bike. I took it today. It's a very short ride but very pleasant. Alternatively, you can ride about 4 miles farther to Hoboken and take the ferry from there. It's a longer ferry ride which is a good thing as far as I am concerned. The price is about the same or maybe a little less. Let me know if you need detailed instructions on how to find either of these. (The Port Imperial ferry is right off River Road--that is, River Road going south, I think it's also known as 505. It's the main road along the river.)

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John Miller (not verified)

Chaim (or anyone knowledgeable),

What is the terrain/traffic like on that section of River Road from the ferry to GWB? On Google maps it's called Port Imperial Boulevard until its intersection with Hillside Boulevard.

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JP (not verified)
Plus and minus.

The traffic is a little dicey, but not overwhelming. There are lots of condo developments and malls to your right and cars going in/coming out as you head north. Not too bad, just be careful. Two nice early climbs – one up to the entrance to the rural River Road (aka Henry Hudson)and another up to the GWB. Lactate can be a fuel!!!

Heading south is a bit less dicey, just remember to look for that triangular intersection with the club on it to bear left and descend to Port I.

I’ve taken the ferry a bunch of times, each way, usually solo or with one or two other riders. However, I once lead a ride that started with the ferry to Port I and I was told that because it was early, it would be OK to have 8 bikes on board, but that that may not work other times or with more bikes. You leave your bikes outside on the bow deck if you want to go inside. If you/your group has to travel on the ferry in more than one installment, the wait is ½ hour or so.

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