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Hi, please forgive me if I get the terminology/names wrong, but I am planning to go out to Harriman Park to do the Lake Welch Drive - Tiorati Road - Seven Lakes Drive loop and I would love to know the fastest way to get there from the Metro North train. Would it via the Garrison stop, and then onto Seven Lakes through Bear Mountain Park? Or is there a better way? Thank you very much.....

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Rob M (not verified)

Go to Garrison, across the Bear Mtn bridge, and then up towards perkins. Its not very far, there is a bit of traffic on the road but its not too bad.

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Hank Schiffman (not verified)
As directed by Rob M...

"from Garrison Metro North RR Station:
go do at
0.6 R 9D South
4.5 R Bear Mtn Bridge
0.6 R 3rd @ circle, 9W South
0.4 R @ 1st traffic light, “Bear Mtn Inn”
0.4 R 1st @ circle, 7 Lakes Drive South"

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