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I am planning to do the 9/25 ride to Piermont
with Kay Gunn. I will be coming from the Westside(77th&
Riverside. Have only crossed the GW once on my bike
so I am a little unsure of the route from West 77th.
Am looking for someone to ride with me to the starting point across the river.

Ed Vroom 917 538 0097

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Chaim Caron (not verified)
Route to GWB

Hi Ed,
Here's the route--it's not complicated. Ride it once and you'll never forget it. If you're concerned about it, ride it before the day of your 9/25 ride.

Just ride north (uptown) on Riverside. At 165, take a right up a short but very steep hill. Take the first left and continue about 12 blocks, then take a left onto either 177 or 178 St (I forget which--it's the one whose one way traffic goes to the left). Go 2 blocks to the first legal right. Go one block to a T and turn left but (IMPORTANT) take the left onto the sidewalk, not the road. This is the sidewalk that approaches the bridge. Then take the left up onto the ramp that takes you across the bridge.

PS (added later) I wrote this message before I found out that the southern path is closed. Follow instructions from esass to take the northern path.

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esass (not verified)
Head to the north side

The GWB South Path is closed until 10/15. Instead of making the left on 177th St, go under the overpass and make the next left on 179th St. Stay to the right to avoid going onto the bridge. There is a stairway up. This will take you to the North path.

FYI: There are the three flights of steps going up and three flights going down in each direction.

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Kay (not verified)
avoid the stairs and ride up the other side of the river

I'll be glad to pick up anyone at the PATH station in Hoboken or JC that wants to do the ride. It's a nice 10-12 mile ride up to the bridge with some breathtaking views of the city. Just email me the week before the ride and we'll arrange a meeting place and time.

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Anakin SKywalker (not verified)

I live on 79th and west end, ill go with you

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What a club! (not verified)

Wow! NYCC has Jedi Knights who will escort a new biker over the GWB?! What a bike club! Awesome!

P.S. Can Princess Leia escort me during ENY?? please??

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Anakin SKywalker (not verified)

patience padawan, what you speak of are words of the dark side. Look inside for the light, you do not need leia, besides Jedi cant love, or are you not a jedi?

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