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My friends wife has just taken up road cycling and is loving it. She tells me that after about 30km into her rides she gets a real burning sensation in the bones of her feet. Can anybody suggest anything that may help?

PS I enjoyed cycling around Central Park in May this year and doing the 5 borough ride. If you New Yorkers can hold an event like that in New York, it gives me, a cycle event organiser here in NZ great boldness to hold any kind of an event here.

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Rob (not verified)

It could be as simple as her shoes are too tight.

What kind of bike?
What kind of Pedals,shoes etc?
Was she ever fitted for the bike?

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Thor (not verified)

This pain could be caused by a variety of factors, and she needs a real cycling expert, instead of the self-appointed ones here. has a fitness section where these kinds of questions are answered. You can peruse the archived columns or email a question to [email protected]. They usually answer pretty quickly.

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