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Does anyone know the terrain for the 100 Miler? Trying to get a sense of what kind of climbing to expect for the full century.

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Stu (not verified)
Same question

"I too am interested in learning ahead of time how hilly the route is. I'm recovering from a knee injury & would like to ride 62 miles. Mild hills are fine, but if this ride is like the Huntington Cycling Club's ""Gold Coast"" ride a few months back (serious hills throughout), then I must bow out.

Thank you."

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April (not verified)
There're hills!

"The way I remember them, the ENY century (or metric?) is not exactly easy. It's probably as hilly as the Gold Coast at least.

ENY isn't exactly a super-hilly century though. It pales when compared to the Ramapo Valley, or maybe even easier than the Golden Apple? But it's by no means a flat century like the Bike-Boat-Bike, for exmaple.

There's some difference in the type of hills though. I remember the Gold Coast has a few hills that are short but rather steep which came quite early in the route. It's easy to over-do those hills and kill your legs so the rest of the route felt hillier than it really is. I really don't remember any significant hills on the second half of the 75 mile route I did.

ENY has some longer hills, some steep and some not so, and a good portion of them came late in the route. There's simply no avoiding having to get over the dreaded ""hump"" right before GWB on the return leg, when you may already be tired. Depends on the individual, it may felt easier or harder.


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B. Dale (not verified)

Not too bad- off the top of my head, I'd say two or three Churchill-type efforts, two or three Harlem hill-type efforts, and a dozen or two Cat's Paw-type efforts over the course of the entire century.


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Chris T. (not verified)
Not that hilly

Ben's assesment is pretty close. Most of the elevation gain is not in climbing hills, but going up grades of less than 2%. For example, after a bona fide hill in Paramus, you start increasing elevation along the Saddle River for about 20+ Miles. Only at the 20th mile of this section is there another noteworthy hill. Let's put it this way -- if you have a triple, you would need it at most three times for the whole ride.

I am the sweep for the century route. I don't expect to collect any riders on Saturday.

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me (not verified)
The 100 is bloody hilly

to my recollection it is 5000 ft of climbing on the full century. The Metric is basically a Rockland Lake ride so not too bad, the half is a Piermont ride not bad at all

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Stu (not verified)

Thanks all! See you tomorrow!

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Paul Gerber (not verified)
Is there a map or cue sheet we can see

...before tomorrow's ride?

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Karen (not verified)
Please join us!

"According to Annie, ""the sun'll come out...t'morrow...."" So be sure to join us for NYCC's Escape New York ride!!

Learn more about the ride at:

Register Onsite or at: http://www.active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1224777

At the end of the ride, there will be Ben & Jerry's ice cream, massages, and ***free musette bags chock full of goodies.*** The best news is - the bag matches NYCC's new socks and cycling jerseys! Drawing prizes will also be awarded at the end of the ride.

Many thanks to our SPONSORS for their drawing prizes and goody bag gifts!

A Bicycle Shop - $25 Gift Certificate drawing prize
Banana Boat & Playtex - Sunscreen packets
Ben & Jerry's - Peace pops
Bicycle Habitat - tubes
Bicycle Renaissance - Cycling vest drawing prize
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Bike Heaven - Helmet drawing prize
Buff Headwear - 24 Buffs + Visor drawing prize
Classical Yang Tai Chi - $25 Discounts for Intro Course; (4) Free Intro Course of 2-hour lessons for drawing prizes
Club Getaway - (2) Gift Certificate drawing prizes for two for Club Getaway adventure weekends
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Eddie's Bicycles - Helmet drawing prize
Enoch Bike Shop - Set of Vittoria tires drawing prize
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Hydracare - Hydration pack Cleaning Kits & Reservoir dryers drawing prizes
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Larry & Jeff's Bicycles Plus - Tubes & Patch Kits
Lightload Towels - Superabsorbant, lightweight versatile towels
LongsCycle - USPS complete Pro-Cycling Outfit drawing prize
Metromint Water - Pure peppermint waters
NYC DOT - Shirt drawing prizes & NYC maps
NY Sports Clubs - 30-day membership drawing prize + 1-week passes
NYC Velo - bike maintenance at ENY ride start & tubes
Om Yoga Center - 5-class card drawing prize + $5 Intro class passes
Penguin Brands - Reflective vest drawing prize + packets of Penguin Sports Wash
Piermont Bike Connection - Rest stop sponsor
Reyna Franco, MS, RD, CDN - 1 hour nutrition counseling session drawing prize
RoadID - Gift Certificate drawing prizes
Ride Noho - Gift Certificate for a weekend for two at Ride Noho drawing prize
Ruby Nachom - Massages at ENY finish
Sid's Bike Shop - Helmet
Sports Solutions - G-stand bike stands + Vertical Wall mounts drawing prizes
Tomcat Bakery - Bread for lunch
White Lightning - White Lightning lubricant samples + stickers"

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rossp (not verified)
century sign up & groups

I haven't signed up yet but am thinking of coming along tomorrow - do I need to arrive especially early to sign up? I was thinking around 7am....(my wife loves these early morning Saturdays....really!)

Also - any more ideas on the organised groups that may be riding? I saw that there will be various groups - I'm assuming that finding B18 or similar pace will be no problem?

Hope to see some of you tomorrow.....

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Karen (not verified)
ENY Start times

Hope to see you tomorrow too!

The start times for each of the routes is on the official website: http://www.nycc.org/rides_eny.shtml

Here's the gist:
7:30 am start - 100 miles (century)
8:00 am start - 62 miles (metric century)
9:00 am start - 50 miles (half century)

The distance that you want will determine your start time. But, yes, come a little earlier to register and to ask your questions.

Interestingly, we don't have a B18, so look to join the A18 century, or B17 metric century or B17 half-century group. The leaders for each group will leave at the above times.

BTW, it's rain or shine, so don't hesitate - come out and enjoy the fun!

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Mark Loftis (not verified)
Rides with leaders

"There is also a B17 century. Here's the list of rides we've found volunteer leaders for. There's a ride for everyone.

A22 Century:
A20 Century:
A18 Century:
A19 Metric:

B17 Century:
B17 Metric
B16 Metric
B15 Metric
B17 50 miles
B15 50 miles

C14 Metric
C14 50 miles
C12 50 miles

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Isaac (not verified)

Bravo to the ENY committee and all of the vounteers! Thanks for a great ride today.

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jc (not verified)
Second that Bravo!

Nicely done.
Had a great time.
Except for the bees.
And watching them fill the Gatorade bucket using a hose from the mens room.
Bottles next time?

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meike/hansjoerg (not verified)

Thank you, Basil and Terry, for this wonderful Metric Century. It was our 2nd ride with the NYCC and the organization was perfect from start to finish via the lunch break. THANKS to the volunteers.

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