who ever thought Bohemia is German?

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"Current club email mischaracterizes the Bohemian Beer Garden:

(""Although the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden isn't technically a German restaurant per se . . ."")

Since when was Bohemia German (except for AH delusions, of course) or Slovakian?

It's in the Czech Republic (and ""Bohemian"" literally means ""Czech"").

Furthermore, this area is home to some of the world's great beers, e.g., Pilsner Urquell. (Germany is hardly the only, or even the main, source of beer.)

In other words, the Bohemian Hall isn't German PERIOD and has nothing to apologize for (even if they sell a German beer or two)."

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Peter Storey (not verified)
I dunno about that . . .

After all, if Bohemia is Czech, why do Bohemians live in Paris, all the while coughing themselves to death in Italian? :-)

Less t-i-c, Bohemia was a Habsburg possession for 600 years before the establishment of Czechoslovakia at the end of WWI. Although the overall population has always been majority Czech, the economic, cultural and feudal elites traditionally tended to be German- (or Yiddish-) speaking, as was a significant portion of the population around the western rim until expelled after WWII. So it is (or at least was) a bit more complex than you imply.

But the Bohemian Beer Garden is a lovely spot in any case.

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af (not verified)
the German language connection is Austrian

Bohemia was essentially an Austrian province as part of the Habsburg empire, which is when German became a common language. However, it was never part of Germany (except as noted above re AH).

My main point is the same as your last: that the Bohemian Hall stands fine on its own right, without being pseudo German. They have their own Oktoberfest (in September this year). The hall and garden can be rented for ethnic parties (Greek, Italian, Irish and Bangladesh groups have done so recently).

Just recognize that beer halls were and are still common throughout Europe, not just Bavaria. (It's fortunate that the Bohemian Hall is still here as the last of about 600 which used to grace NYC.)

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Neile (not verified)
Most Americans are ignorant of Euro-geopolitics.

But they believe that beer gardens are exclusive to Germany.

In any case, it's a great place with the subway three blocks away for those who prefer not to drink and cycle.


Important note: I have an email into Dave S. asking whether he has secured permission for bikes to be brought inside.

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